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Image of Accessoires voor digitale apparaten Olympus Geräusch-Reduktions-Mikrofon ME-52W N2272726

Image of Hama Dynamic Microphone Dm 60

Image of Hama Dynamische Microfoon

Hama Dynamische Microfoon

voor hobby en gebruik in de vrije tijd

Image of Hama Lm-09 Lavalier Microphone

Hama Lm-09 Lavalier Microphone

- Clip-on microphone e.g. for camcorders ,- Especially suited as a reporter's microphone in the video sector and during sales demonstrations, training courses, etc. ,- Small, powerful and inconspicuous ,- Includes a clip for different mounting options...

Image of Microfoon met snoer SBCMD110/00

Image of Olympus ME-15 Dasclipmicrofoon

Olympus ME-15 Dasclipmicrofoon

MICRO-CRAVATE ME-15: Tie-Clip Microphone

Image of Olympus ME-30 2-Channel Conference Kit

Olympus ME-30 2-Channel Conference Kit

MICROPHONE ME-30 Omnidirectional Professional Conference Microphones

Image of Olympus ME-33 Boundary microfoon

Olympus ME-33 Boundary microfoon

MICROPHONE ME-33: Omni-directional microphone for conferences

Image of Olympus ME-34 Compacte zoommicrofoon

Image of Olympus ME-51S Stereo Microfoon

Image of Olympus TP-8

Olympus TP-8

TELEPHONE PICKUP TP-8 for recording phone conversations

Image of Omnitronic CMK-10 microfoonset

Image of Omnitronic M-100 USB

Image of Omnitronic M-22

Image of Omnitronic M-22 USB

Image of Omnitronic M-60

Image of Omnitronic UHF-202 draadloos mic systeem

Image of Omnitronic UHF-204 draadloos mic systeem

Image of Omnitronic VHF-250 draadloze microfoon

Omnitronic VHF-250 draadloze microfoon

13073012 Omnitronic VHF-250 wireless microphone system

Image of Omnitronic VHF-450 Draadloze microfoonset Radiografisch

Image of Philips Microphone SBCMD650/00

























Image of Sennheiser E 602 II Cardioid bass instrument microphone

Image of Sennheiser E 604 Cardioid mic for drums & brass

Image of Sennheiser E 608 Very small dynamic microphone

Image of Sennheiser E 614 pre-polarized condenser microphone

Image of Sennheiser E 901 Half-cardioid condenser boundary mic