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Image of 1/1 Gebogene Gleise (E)

1/1 Gebogene Gleise (E)

Large Curved Tracks Build fun curves with these track segments.

Image of 1/1 Gerade Gleise (D)

1/1 Gerade Gleise (D)

Long Straight Tracks Straight ahead! Make the track a bit longer by adding a few track segments.

Image of 1/2 Gerade Gleise (A1)

1/2 Gerade Gleise (A1)

Short Straight Tracks Extend and expand the rail tracks as you wish.

Image of 1/4 Ausgleichsschienen Mix

1/4 Ausgleichsschienen Mix

Has it ever happened? Of course it has. You discover you cannot complete your wooden track layout, something is missing and you need some extra pieces to get it right. Here they are, these small wooden tracks will help you to get it the way you want at...

Image of 1/4 Gerade Gleise (A2,B2,C2)

1/4 Gerade Gleise (A2,B2,C2)

Mini Straight Tracks The track is the basis of all railways. Use these extra parts to add to your railway set.

Image of 2/3 Gerade Gleise (A)

2/3 Gerade Gleise (A)

Medium Straight Tracks This wooden track is easy to assemble.

Image of Bahnübergang


Warning signs indicate a railway crossing. Lower the bars and let the train pass, then open the crossing to road traffic again.

Image of Bahnbrücke mit Auffahrten

Bahnbrücke mit Auffahrten

Let's be honest. A cool bridge makes a train journey more fun. Not to mention all the new layouts you can build going over and under the bridge. So here it is, a curved bridge with two elevated ascending tracks.

Image of Bahn Feuerwehr Set

Bahn Feuerwehr Set

There is a fire and they need your help! Drive immediately to the docking station and fill the fire train with water and gas. The firefighter goes along in his fire truck with sirens and light. Put down the fire with the fire hose on the wagon. For more...

Image of Bahn Großes Feuerwehr Deluxe Set

Bahn Großes Feuerwehr Deluxe Set

It's time for some serious firefighting in the mountains. Open the garage door and drive to the scene of accidentwith sirens and lights on, of course. Your assistant firefighter follows in the rescue train. No time to waittoot-toot!

Image of Bahnhof mit Sound

Bahnhof mit Sound

All aboard! This new train station makes waiting for the train a happening in itself. Stand by the ticket machine that sounds when you buy a ticket, or in worse weather, walk through the sliding glass doors. The hall is equipped with luggage lockers,...

Image of Brandweertrein


Push the button on the engine and release the wagon for quick emergency help. Drive close to the fire, disconnect the water tank wagon and use the extendable fire hose.

Image of Brückenfundament (2 Stück)

Brückenfundament (2 Stück)

Super Supports Build bridges and overcome any obstacle in your way. These bridge supports help you create your construction.

Image of BRIO 33030

BRIO 33030

Travel back in time with this battery operated steam train and lay down the first railway tracks! The train waits at the bridge while you add the rails to complete the railway.

Image of BRIO 33208

BRIO 33208

You can always trust this strong mechanical crane to do its job. It will unload the heavy cargo from the train when it arrives and put it onto the back of the BRIO truck. The train hauls the goods into town on the rail tracks and the truck drives the...

Image of BRIO 33209

BRIO 33209

Rail & Road Travel Set Here comes the passenger train! The two-wagon train is ready to take the passengers around this magnificent BRIO train world. Look out the window and see the cars stopping at the road crossing along the tracks. Lucky that the train...

Image of BRIO 33253

BRIO 33253

Stacking Track Supports Take the game up a notch with these supports that help you build bridges, tunnels or a cool, multi-storey rail way.

Image of BRIO 33337

BRIO 33337

Short Curved Tracks Make the track curve right or left depending on which way you lay it.

Image of BRIO 33352

BRIO 33352

Dynamite Tunnel Ready, set, explode! Reveal a tunnel inside the mountain by putting the dynamite into the slot and watch the mountain walls fall to the side. Includes a load wagon to transport the dynamite!

Image of BRIO 33511

BRIO 33511

A starter set for drivers who want to get to know the railway for the first time. Let the passenger train go round and round letting passengers on and off. But don’t forget to buy a ticket from the ticket-collector before boarding!

Image of BRIO 33512

BRIO 33512

Travel Switching Set Connect from one train to another with this exciting railway set full of play! The blue line has a battery powered train that takes passengers to the modern station where it meets up with the red line train. The lift goes and up and...

Image of BRIO 33674

BRIO 33674

Decide which way the passing trains go. Turn the red knob to choose the right track as the trains fly by fast, hurrying to get to their next destination on time. Poseable play figure included.

Image of BRIO 33683

BRIO 33683

Double Suspension Bridge BRIO's longest bridge takes you on a thrilling journey across the water. The bridge stands steadily and can be rebuilt to form shorter suspension bridges using two more ascending track segments.

Image of BRIO 33709

BRIO 33709

One, two or three tunnels - you decide! Place them separately or connect them around a curve. What happens when you drive through it? You decide!

Image of BRIO 33734

BRIO 33734

Mega Crane & Load Kit It would take ten men and women to carry, load and lift what this worker and his mega crane can lift all on their own! Accessorize the cargo world with this popular vehicle pack. All wood included is FSC-certified.

Image of Brio - achtbaanset

Brio - achtbaanset

Roller Coaster Set Are you ready for this? Make sure the safety bar is fastened before your wagon gets onto the lift and up to the rollercoaster drop point. Now release and see the wagon swoosh down the tracks and back down to the lift again. Rail play...

Image of BRIO Big Green Action Locomotive

BRIO Big Green Action Locomotive

Keep aspiring train drivers occupied. It runs with two front lights lit and has manually operated buttons for full speed ahead, full reverse and the unmistakable ""choo-choo"" sound. Switch on top allows free wheel movement without battery function.

Image of BRIO Birthday Train

BRIO Birthday Train

Today is not an ordinary day, because today is your special day! This partytrain is the perfect gift for any occasion. The festive, magnetic loads can be loaded on and off the train.

Image of BRIO Car Pack

BRIO Car Pack

Traffic ahead! With this colourful fleet, your cityscape will soon have cars whizzing in every direction. Pick your favourite – SUV, sedan or mini. Set of wooden toy cars.

Image of BRIO Countryside Horse Set

BRIO Countryside Horse Set

Take to the country! The wooden railway brings you over the rocks to a hidden countryside pasture. When your horse is up for a field trip away from its beautiful shed, give it a shower and lead it to the train. The wagon has a perfect design for horse...

Image of BRIO Emergency Fire Engine

BRIO Emergency Fire Engine

Be a firefighter today! Get in the fire truck that comes with a hose wagon and push the button for sirens and light. Don't forget to put up the warning sign when you are in the scene of accident.

Image of BRIO Ferris Wheel

BRIO Ferris Wheel

Extend the fun park layout with another iconic ride the Ferris Wheel! Let the play figure experience the view from the top by turning the knob and setting the Ferris Wheel into action. Watch the lights activate as the big wheel turns.

Image of BRIO Fun Park Kit

BRIO Fun Park Kit

This is where the fun begins! Literally. The Fun Park music sounds when you pass the ticket gate at the entry and the passenger can try out his strength at the bell base. Watch how the ball shoots to the top and makes a ringing noise for the winner!

Image of Brio - giraffenwagen

Brio - giraffenwagen

Add this giraffe and wagon to any rail adventure for even more fun. The giraffe fits perfectly inside the wagon and can move its neck up and down.

Image of BRIO Hay Loading Station

BRIO Hay Loading Station

Harvest is over, and it’s time to bring hay to your hungry horses. Lift the magnetic hay bales off the wagon by turning the knob, and slide them down the ramp. Connects to and expands the BRIO railway. Sturdy design and beautiful wooden details.

Image of BRIO Horse Stable

BRIO Horse Stable

My kingdom for a horse! Perhaps not an entire kingdom, but this stable is certainly a palace for your horses. Open up the hinged, magnetic sections to view all interior details. Collect hay, wheelbarrow it back, load it though the barn doors, and feed...

Image of Brio - houten treinrails

Brio - houten treinrails

Advanced Expansion Pack Expand the BRIO wooden railway system in all new directions with this multi functional pack of switches and accessories.

Image of Brio - klokken wagen

Brio - klokken wagen

Say hello to a new member of our iconic railway family! Or rather, ring the bell for it. Just roll it back and forth to hear it sound. Wooden toy that connects perfectly with the classic BRIO trains.

Image of BRIO Labyrinth Game

BRIO Labyrinth Game

The classic labyrinth game is now available in a new colour and with two additional boards of varying difficulty. Fewer holes makes it easier, and if it's too easy all you need to do is change to the other board.

Image of BRIO Lumber Train

BRIO Lumber Train

Everyone at the sawmill is waiting for you and the lumber train to arrive from the lumber station. But you have to check the engine first so open the engine hood. Looks ok, so let’s go. The long wooden logs on the extra-long wagon can be unloaded separately...

Image of Brio - magnetisch belsignaal

Brio - magnetisch belsignaal

Magnetic Bell Signal No risk of anyone crossing this track unseen. When a train passes the bell rings. No need for batteries as it's all magnetic.

Image of Brio - mechanisch draaischijf

Brio - mechanisch draaischijf

Mechanical Turntable How to turn the train? Try this turntable. It has cogs and you operate it by pushing a button.

Image of Brio - mijn eerste brio spoorweg perron-set

Brio - mijn eerste brio spoorweg perron-set

It’s time for the youngest train drivers to track down some new fun! With this playful train, tunnel and clever connection magnets that always connect in every direction, there are more things to explore than just the tracks ahead. Perfect for the inquisitive...

Image of Brio - mijn eerste brio trein

Brio - mijn eerste brio trein

Take a ride along the tracks with this multi-coloured train. Each wagon offers a new discovery for the curious mind to explore!

Image of BRIO My First Railway Battery Engine

BRIO My First Railway Battery Engine

It is time for the youngest train drivers to play with a train that moves by itself. Just press the arrow button on the top and the train is on its way. Press again and the train stops. The clever connection magnets will connect with wagons in every direction,...

Image of BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack

BRIO My First Railway Beginner Pack

It’s time for the youngest train drivers to track down some new fun! Extend the rail play with this bigger starter pack. Take the joyful train on a ride over or under the interesting, rainbow-coloured suspension bridge and explore the different layouts...

Image of BRIO My First Railway Light up Wagon

BRIO My First Railway Light up Wagon

The magic high-tech wagon with play activated safe electronics. You will have flashing lights inside the wagon as soon as the train starts to move. Exciting to play with, perhaps in a dark room to create a mystery night train.

Image of BRIO My First Railway Ramp Pack

BRIO My First Railway Ramp Pack

How do the pieces fit together? Let the youngest builders figure it out with these easy to grip puzzle shapes. Set the train wagon wheels into play as it goes up and down the special ramp.

Image of BRIO Railway Starter Set

BRIO Railway Starter Set

Everything you need to build and play with your first BRIO railway in an ultimate way. Start with a track layout formed like an eight, place the tunnel in the centre so you can go through it and over it. Use the stop and go signal to stop the train and...

Image of BRIO Rescue Boat

BRIO Rescue Boat

There is a fire at sea and they've called for your help. Connect the wagon to your jeep and drive as fast as you can to the shore. Raise the lift and see the boat slide off. Isn't this exciting?