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Image of Bluetooth NES Retro Receiver (8Bitdo)

Bluetooth NES Retro Receiver (8Bitdo)

Features: - Compatible with All 8Bitdo controllers & arcade sticks PS3, PS4, Wii Mote, Wii U Pro. - Original NES (all models). All systems with an NES-style controller port. - Additional buttons mapped to turbo on all controllers. - Compatible with two-four...

Image of Wireless Bluetooth Famicom Controller (8Bitdo)

Wireless Bluetooth Famicom Controller (8Bitdo)

- Dual-mode support: Bluetooth keyboard and touch screen simulation, - Supports both Bluetooth & USB connection, - Firmware upgradable for function expansion in the future, - Compatible with IOS(iCade only), Android,Mac OS and Windows devices, - Programmable...

Image of Xtander Clip for 8Bitdo SNES30/SFC30 Gamepad

Xtander Clip for 8Bitdo SNES30/SFC30 Gamepad

- Xstander for SNES30 and SFC30, - Clip size: 11.5cm to 20cm, - Dismountable, it can be separated into two parts. - Easy to carry, Just snap the bracket onto your 8Bitdo controller and attach your mobile phone to enjoy